Painting for the Pantry Event was created by artist Leslie Kessler in Choteau Mt.  Several artists are a part of this and you can go to FACEBOOK and type in PAINTING FOR THE PANTRY to see all the others.   

Painting for the Pantry is a group of artists that are painting original mini paintings.  6"x6" and under.  You have to be fast at it, they go fast.  

What to do: Each painting is $50.00 and $7.00 for shipping.  You say you want it and then you write a check to the FOOD BANK of your choice.   You write the $7.00 check in the Artists name.  When you mail the checks to the artist (Artist can be in any state and or Food Bank can be any where also).  Be sure to send the address to the Food Bank you choose to the Artist and the artist will mail that check to that food bank.  The $7.00 check stays with the Artist to help with shipping cost. All materials an art are donated by the Artist.   I know the 2 check's can be a hassle but this way you have a record of your donation for taxes.  We can all help in some way an this is ours.  

Thank you all who supported this cause. Your all appreciated.  You all helped to raise about $20,000.00 for Montana and a few out of state Food Banks. It is closed now and we hope to continue again so,stay tuned.